About Me

Gomathi Siva Sankaran

A student of life, ever so happy to learn and grow with you

17 years of travel within manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, shared services and energy companies in various financial and project management capacities. An MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and a CPA from the New Hampshire State Board, USA. Now the founder and CEO of an art company: The Guiding Light Art Company (GLAC). An Indian woman living in Denmark who explores more and more of cultural diversity by building business relationships all over the world.

The GLAC Podcasts takes this travel to the next-level virtually, wherein I look forward to meeting interesting people across the globe - understanding their challenges and most importantly, their approaches to the ever-so-changing enviroment.

The GLAC Podcasts will be a virtual LinkedIN wherein you not only get to know different people and their achievements, but also delve a little deeper into the hardships they had to undergo and their thought process behind certain key life / business decisions. You get an overview as to what makes them the stronger personalities that they are and also get some interesting tips and tricks that you could practically use for your own life / career changes.

The change management practitioner course helped me connect my past experiences and further enhance my skill set. Whether conducting art classes for children or conducting change management the yogic-way workshops for corporates, these tools from the change management certification will help me build a great learning experience and create a positive social impact.