GLAC Studio

About the GLAC Studio

My love for connecting the dots and building bridges between cultures found new dimension with the start of the Guiding Light Art Company or the GLAC Studio:

  • Love expressing my thoughts through oil on canvas paintings and charcoal and graphite sketches. Some of the concepts behind the paintings involve many hours of research work into various cultures. I enjoy the idea of portraying unity in diversity. Hence, the “Celebrate Diversity Series”

  • The GLAC studio accepts private art commissions, as well. My customers usually come up with such genuine requirements (for example) oil paintings to be created based on mythological stories or historical events. I totally enjoy working with my customers in understanding their unique requirements and making their dreams come true on a canvas

  • The GLAC aims at building bright futures through art. So, the GLAC Studio doesn’t just stop with my personal collection of artworks. You can also see how the GLAC Studio works closely with children and encourage their efforts by buying their artwork. The children at the GLAC Studio not only learn how to paint, but also understand the end-to-end process of art business. They also learn to take a decision about the profit earned through the sale of their own painting – using such profits for either their further education or in supporting underprivileged children